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Hello homeowners! The video below was created as an informative way to learn about Home Watch.

Chalkboard Video Creation

Do you remember sitting in a classroom watching your teacher write lessons on a green chalkboard? I do! And that's why I decided to create an educational video using this format. The video combines the nostalgic feel of a traditional classroom with the modern convenience of online learning. This lesson is only 1 minute and 30 seconds so you can quickly get through it.

I decided to enhanced the video with soft background music instead of talking through it to help put you at ease and make the learning process more enjoyable.

Above the video, you will find the script written out in paragraph form. This allows you to read the contents of the video if you prefer or you have trouble reading the words written on the chalkboard before it is erased.

Here are a few images of the video to give you an idea of the content included:

reports and photos
risk mitigation

I personally love chalkboard videos, probably because I loved school. Whether or not you enjoyed school, I hope you appreciate the simplicity of the video and the educational style. This particular video was designed to cater to homeowners who are interested in learning what home watch is by watching a video that is not a "talking head".

The video goes a step further and encourages homeowners to only hire a Home Watch company that is part of the NHWA - (National Home Watch Association). I chose to include this statement because of the NHWA Code of Ethics.

My desire is for this video to serve as a valuable resource for homeowners as well as Home Watch companies who are looking for additional content to add to their websites. Dive into this educational experience that combines the charm of old-school teaching with the benefits of modern technology.

Video Script:

What is Home Watch?
A visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

Home Watch Services are scheduled inspections of unoccupied homes. Inspections help protect homes by alerting the homeowner of problems discovered during their visit.

Home watch professionals look for:

  • water leaks
  • pest infestations
  • signs of vandalism
  • & much, much more

Regular home watch visits help mitigate risks and prevent costly damages.
Home watch professionals provide a detailed report with notes & photos after each visit.

The homeowner can instruct the home watcher how to handle any issues they find.

Home watch companies assist homeowners while they are miles away from their property.

Homeowners should only hand over the keys to their home to a trusted home watch company!

How does a homeowner know if they are hiring a trusted home watch company?

Only hire home watch companies that have been vetted by an organization called the NHWA.

Who is NHWA? - an organization that sets industry standardS & best practices for Home Watch Professionals to ensure they provide high-quality services.

Home watch is not for everyone.

Home watch services are for homeowners who leave their property unoccupied.


Thanks for watching!

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Author: Susan Winters - created for educational purposes.